Holbrook Recreation offers T-Ball and Farm League instructional programs designed to teach kids the fundamentals of baseball. If you have any questions about these programs, please contact Tom Smith at or 944-3005 or Chris Nile at 356-1329.

T-Ball - Ages 5-7 (age as of August 1st)

T-Ball is a six-week, Saturday morning program that starts around the first of May. The focus of this program is to teach the basics of baseball with fun drills, activities, and games. This is a great program to help establish the fundamental skills needed to progress into Farm League and beyond. 

Farm League - Ages 7-9 (age as of August 1st)

Our Farm League program is for boys and girls ages 7-9. Evaluations are held for new players each year to determine team placement. Farm League takes place from the middle of April to the end of June with games or practices scheduled 2-3 nights every week. This program is designed to instill a love of the game while learning rules and fundamental skills necessary to succeed and advance.